Shipper Solutions

Flexible freight coverage for a world of constant change.


Air can be the optimal solution in unforeseen circumstances. With carrier flexibility and vast capacity, plus international readiness, our team can be your most important partner.


Our air solutions are customized to your exact freight specifications, timing and routing, with blended options available that include other modes of transportation.


Our experts work with you to identify the type of aircraft that is right for your shipment. Aircraft size, speed and capacity are all taken into account.


When your freight arrives, our custom house team accompanies it throughout the entire local customs clearance process, providing duty tax/payment and timely pickup.


We have contracts with all major ocean carriers to provide you with extensive support for full container load or less than container load. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring a smooth delivery from all ports. Our systems deliver using sophisticated track and trace capability from site of origin to delivery.


Our team coordinates loading and provides one PO throughout the process. We offer a variety of port cut off and arrival options and perform multi-vendor buyer’s consolidation when required. Our experts ensure local customs clearance, full duty tax/payment and timely pickup; you get notifications and access to documents through the XPO Connect system. Once at the port, multimodal options, including transloading and time-critical domestic transportation, are available.


We can also offer sea-air solutions, which provide a convenient hybrid and give shippers budget flexibility from sea and speed from air.


As volume picks back up and ports face congestion, our transloading solution can help you get your container shipments back on schedule and avoid delays. We specialize in gaining access to highly congested ports leveraging our broad capacity and our strong partnerships.


Our 24/7 team immediately gets to work obtaining clearance from the steamship lines to get your container out of the port. This includes collecting and confirming all paperwork, bidding the long haul and booking the move with the drayage provider. We provide full track and trace visibility and notifications throughout the lifecycle of the shipment.



We will get you back on schedule or even ahead of schedule, reducing overall transit time by as much as 25%.


Through a combination of company-operated and third-party partners, XPO offers a vast footprint of North American facility options, including warehouses, fulfillment centers, port transloads and cross-docks. 


XPO has the scale and capabilities to offer customized solutions to meet your needs. Our flexible facility network covers a wide range of capabilities, including: e-commerce fulfillment, cross-docking, seamless container transloading, assembly, pick-n-packing and long-term racked storage.


Storage classifications include: food-grade, temperature controlled, bonded, FTZ and hazmat.

Full Truckload

Our massive truckload network is essential for shippers, particularly when capacity is tight. But, it’s our fierce commitment to world-class service that ultimately ensures your peace of mind.


Our team can move it all—consumer products and other finished goods, industrial materials and parts, government freight and goods that require special handling. We can even provide you with a drop trailer to use for storage or to fill as you need. As the third-largest freight broker in North America, we take a take a vigilant approach to on-time performance, and follow through with XPO Connect, technology that allows for real-time track and trace. Shippers find it reassuring to have our full range of transportation services including multiple modes at hand.  


Our robust network of LTL trucks, drivers and terminals is your solution for regional, national and cross-border shipping.


XPO is one of the largest LTL providers in North America. Our commitment to damage-free, on-time service is backed by 8,000 tractors, 25,000 trailers and more than 13,000 professional drivers, operating out of 290 service centers. Our LTL coverage in North America extends to every state, including Alaska and Hawaii, and about 99% of all US postal codes. For cross-border requirements, we have strong relationships in place for movements to and from Mexico, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Supply Chain

When it comes to choosing a logistics partner, industry-specific expertise, technology, engineering, scale and scope of services are all important considerations.


Our team manages a wide variety of goods – from apparel, cosmetics, electronics and food, to appliances, furniture, aerospace parts, chemicals, medical equipment and more. Our range of services includes contract logistics, highly engineered solutions and high-value-add services, such as kitting, packaging, personalization and reverse logistics. We have efficient processes in place for the management of returned merchandise, including inspection, refurbishment, recycling, disposal, refunding, warranty management and return-to-retail.

XPO Connectâ„¢

XPO Connect™ helps you make informed decisions through an integrated technology platform right for every mode of transportation. From first mile to last, XPO Connect™ offers an easy to access system for shippers, carriers and drivers to engage, transact and track freight in real-time. Its capabilities drive efficient and versatile solutions for our shippers and growth opportunities for our carriers. And because the platform is powered by scale, it provides unmatched access to data that delivers results.


XPO Connect™ brings transparency to your supply chain.


Updated COVID-19 Dashboard - one location for all COVID-19 related transportation and logistics updates


Data on demand – Gain unique visibility into load status, capacity, market conditions and spot rates.


Track-and-trace – View current and historical shipment information, with up-to-the-minute tracking capabilities.


Custom alerts – Get notified about critical milestones, and weather or traffic delays that may impact your shipment.

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